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Garage door condition mainly depends on the springs of the garage door. Atlantis Garage Door Service fix any problems related to garage springs no matter the size, type, or brand. Whether you have one or two torsion springs installed, a pair of extension springs, oil-tempered or galvanized ones, our expert and skilled technicians are trained to handle them all. Our technicians carry several spring replacements in their van to find a match for your garage door spring in case if you need your spring replaced. We provide spring maintenance and can also replace damaged or broken springs.

At Atlantis Garage Door Repair, we offer the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for damaged or broken garage door springs. Garage doors are comprised of many moving parts to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the door. Springs play a vital role in this smooth functioning of the door system. Don’t hesitate to call us whenever you notice anything creating a problem with your door springs; our professionals will be there in no time to sort it all out. Call us today before your broken garage springs cause you more damage.

Garage door spring Repair Wilsonville


We have a team of highly skilled and trained professionals, certified and insured, to help you out fix your faulty, broken springs within no time without creating much hassle. Our technicians are experienced and take all necessary precautions and safety measures when carrying out repair or replacement works to ensure everything is safe during the process. We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed and take all responsibility for our work. You can rest assured while letting us handle your broken or damaged garage door springs.

A broken garage door spring can do more damage than you think if not properly repaired or replaced at the right time. Atlantis Garage Door Repair promises you the most reliable maintenance and repair of your faulty and broken garage door springs. Our experts know what they are doing and the right way to fix your garage door springs. Call us today to get the best garage spring repair and replacement services in Wilsonville.


Repairing or maintaining your garage door is not an easy task. It can become very dangerous, and often end up hurting yourself. Hiring a professional garage door expert is always recommended for the best results. Atlantis Garage Door Repair intends to provide the most reliable, efficient, and affordable garage door services in Wilsonville. When you start to notice a small defect on your garage door, make a call to our quick response team to get it fixed before it gets worse. Keep in mind that dealing with a garage door replacement can become much more expensive and hassle of a job than a repair job. Call our professionals before it’s too late. Our licensed and certified professionals are ready to take up any challenge and provide you with the best solution for all your garage door problems. We make sure all jobs are done on time with great care to get your garage door back to perfection. Call us today to avail the best garage door spring repair service in Wilsonville.  

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